Retrieve Account Information

In order to get access to the more sensitive details of your account, you need to request a Temporary Identification Code (PIN). (This is a security measure to protect your personal information.)

Don't worry - It's easy and you'll only have to do it once.

Do you have a Verizon Home Telephone Number?

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Verizon Home Phone Number
Enter your Verizon home phone number. If you do not have home phone service with Verizon, select "No" above. Mobile numbers or alternate phone numbers are not acceptable.

Additional Information

What is a Temporary Identification  Code?
A Temporary Identification Code is a randomly generated 4-digit number assigned from Verizon for security/identification purposes. The code will give you access to your My Verizon account. Once you've gotten and entered your code, you will always have full access.
Already have a Temporary  Identification Code?
If you've already received a temporary code from Verizon, enter it in the "Enter Temporary Identification Code" field and you'll receive access to your My Verizon account.